Burns and Beyond @ St Giles’



Thursday 23rd January at 1.30pm – ‘Play It again Tam’.

The members initially came together in a Scots Music Group mixed instrument ensemble, playing distinctive folk tunes chosen and arranged by Sarah Northcott. The six-piece band was created after the musicians performed in the 2018 “Big Tune Machine,” an Edinburgh Festival event.

Friday 24th January at 1.30pm – Linda Campbell & Magnus Turpie

Local musicians Linda Campbell and Magnus Turpie perform a set of traditional Scottish music.

Monday 27th January 09:00 to 17:00 – MANDALA Interactive Soundscape

Join us throughout the day to immerse yourself in MANDALA, an interactive soundscape by John Hails from Napier University. While playing with the traditional Chinese principles of yayue (‘Elegant Music’), John has created a series of interactive virtual instruments and you are invited to make additions to the melody whilst immersing yourself in the historic setting of St Giles’.

Tuesday 28th January at 1.30pm –Scots Music Group

Members of the Scots Music Group come together to perform a variety of Scottish traditional music, Burns-inspired songs, and maybe even a Chinese tune!

Wednesday 29th January at 1.30pm – Bob Murray

Edinburgh-born Bob Murray will sing some of Burns’ songs alongside other favourites.

Friday 31st January at 1.30pm – Nigel’s Allstars

Nigel’s Allstars, a Scots Music Group, present a mixed instrument musical session led by Nigel Gatherer.

Saturday 1st February at 1.30pm – The Canons’ Gait Session Band

The Canons’ Gate Session Band get together every week for some fun playing traditional Scottish music in a pub session. They’re temporarily moving from pub to High Kirk with a fine mix of tunes. Prepare to tap your toes!

(All Free)

Tai Chi

As a site of meditation and reflection for almost 1000 years, St Giles’ will be host to two taster sessions of the traditional martial art form, Tai Chi. These free, drop-in sessions are introductory level – no previous experience required. If you are feeling shy, you are of course free to just have a peek and enjoy the zen ambience as you explore the rest of the Cathedral!

Tuesday 28th January from 3.30pm to 4.30pm – Bob, Tai Chi Study Group

Thursday 30th January from 1.00pm to 2.30pm – James, Edinburgh Tai Chi

(All Free)

Daily Free Family Activities and Crafts

These events are running every day from Wednesday 22nd January to Saturday 1st February.

Join us for a range of Burns and Chinese New Year themed family activities, including our new ‘Tae a Rat’ animal themed family trail, Chinese lantern making and origami rats!

Make sure you don’t miss out on a visit ‘Hame’ , an interactive installation where you can reflect on the shared theme of ‘Homecoming’  and tell us about what home and family mean to you this coming year!

Tours and Talks

These talks are running every day from Wednesday 22nd January to Saturday 1st February.

Daily 10-minute talks with one of our brilliant volunteer guides about our beautiful Burns stained glass window created in 1985 by Icelandic artist Leifur Breidfjord, celebrating the life of Robert Burns.


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