Holy Week

Welcome to St. Giles’ Cathedral’s web-site during this Holy Week when, due to the COVID 19 outbreak, we are unable to gather in person to mark the rhythms and themes of this holy time. Members of the ministerial staff have written Daily Devotions for Monday to Friday which you will find here and we invite you to continue to journey with us on the road to the cross, using this resource. Despite the situation we find ourselves in, may this be a blessed time for you.

My thanks to the Master of the Music and members of the Cathedral Choir who have recorded the hymns for Holy Week for you to listen to (and sing along!) They did this by individually recording their parts in their homes and the results being mixed electronically, with participants from the UK, Germany and the US contributing their talent.


Calum MacLeod
Minister of St Giles’ Cathedral

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While the Cathedral is closed, we are losing a very substantial part of our regular income, and it may take a very long time for things to recover after we are able to re-open. All donations, large or small, are therefore very welcome, to help us to survive, and to continue to fulfil our role in the spiritual and cultural life of the city and the country.

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New lenten banners looking North North east

Below is the schedule for Holy Week:

Monday 6th April
Douglas Nicol
My Song is Love Unknown

Tuesday 7th April
Kenneth Boyd
Open are The Gifts of God

Wednesday 8th April
Nancy Norman
There is a Green Hill

Thursday 9th April
Craig Meek
Approach My Soul

Friday 10th April
Calum MacLeod
What Wondrous Love is This