Online Worship

Welcome to our Online Worship resources page.

Sunday Worship in St Giles’ resumes from Sunday 9th August, with one service of Morning Prayer at 11.30am.

Anyone who wishes to attend the Sunday morning service is asked to register in advance, and details can be found here.

The service will be recorded and will be available to listen to on our Online Worship page from 3pm onwards on the day of the service.

Here you will also find the latest worship resources provided by the Cathedral ministers, with music from the Cathedral Choir and organists.

Even though we have now re-opened, it is still only for a limited number of hours per day and we are losing a very substantial part of our regular income, and it may take a very long time for things to recover after we are able to re-open. Those members of the congregation, and regular worshippers, who wish to continue their regular offerings but do not already give by standing order can make payments directly to the Cathedral bank account. This can be done either by standing order, or by bank transfer. For advice on how to do this, and where appropriate Gift Aid, please contact the Finance Office on