The 1992 Rieger Organ

The present St Giles organ was built in 1992 by the Austrian firm of Rieger Orgelbau, in consultation with Herrick Bunney and Peter Hurford. The instrument, with its distinctive case of Austrian oak designed by Douglas Laird, stands in the South Transept.

The 1992 organ was completely new, except for the Pedal Open Wood 16′ and the Bombarde 32′ which were retained from the previous instrument (Willis III 1940).  In addition, the lowest seven pipes of the old 32′ Double Open Wood are mounted at the back of the case and form the bass of the Untersatz 32′ – the remaining metal pipes of which form part of the façade.

The organ is currently in the hands of our Master of the Music Michael Harris and the Assistant Organist Jordan English.

Organ From Below