St Giles’ Files

We’re back! Welcome to the new series of the St Giles’ Files, where we will be covering even more history, and perhaps uncovering even more secrets of the building. In each episode we discuss an aspect of St Giles’, from medieval architecture to political intrigue, so stay tuned! 

Episode One: The Road (More or) Less Travelled

In this first new episode we are honoring one of Scotland’s most beloved saints, Queen Margaret. As she is often associated with pilgrimages, we will discuss what a pilgrimage was and what they have become today with a few traditional, and not so traditional, examples. Apologies for the audio here, we managed to pick up a bit of ambient sound from the cathedral. Bonus points for anyone who hears the sound of the bells in the background!

Episode Two: Into the Archives

This week, we are discussing the idea of cathedral archives, and giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at what, and how, history is stored at St Giles’.

Episode Three: The Patience of Saints

Episode Three: Saintly Windo

Why does this Presbyterian Kirk have so many saints in it? Our object of the week is Karl Parson’s underrated Saint’s window, which leads to a discussion on religious imagery, Celtic Christian mythology and a large, angry mob in Fife….

Karl Parson’s Saint’s Window