Saturday 4th December

Today we bring you the sketches for one of our stained glass windows, designed by arts and crafts artist Edward Burne-Jones. He worked together with William Morris who chose the colours and the physical glass.

While the window is a triumph, it appears Burne-Jones may not have relished the experience of working with the Scottish clergy to produce the work, as he notes in his journal:

‘If I charged for the trouble and annoyance I experienced in the long correspondence with the clergy of Scotland, I should treble the laughable trifle which I was set down as compensation for my toil.  However, not a businessman, £150 be it then and let us end the discussion.  You have the results of my brains, the brains themselves I still retain’.

The Burn Jones window features in the upper panels the crossing of the Jordan, and in the lower panels the figures of Ruth, Miriam and Jephtah’s daughter.

Photography by Peter Backhouse