Sharing St Giles’ History

In 2019, in anticipation of St Giles’ Cathedral’s 900th anniversary in 2024, our Heritage and Culture team embarked on a project to overhaul how to we tell our story here in the cathedral.

We wanted to find new ways to unlock the countless stories and important events associated with the cathedral and help visitors ‘read’ our remarkable building.

We started with the global timeline, seen below, which orientates crucial events in St Giles’ history in their global context. We were able to achieve this ‘in -house’ and within a very limited budget but our ambitions are so much bigger! Please assist us to keep our project on track and help us tell the remarkable story of St Giles’, a space which has been at the centre of Edinburgh and Scottish history for almost 900 years.

By donating here, you can help us do all that!

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This timeline is quite big (as you would imagine to fit all our history on) so when you click it, you might need to zoom.