St Giles’ Congregation News

On this page, you will find the latest news and happenings from the Congregation of St Giles’.

St Giles’ work with the Bethany Trust

Bethany Christian Trust provides a great service in looking after homeless people. At their night shelter, as many as 70 homeless guests are given beds and provided with a two course meal cooked and served by volunteers from church congregations. As in many years past, the St Giles’ Neighbourhood Group will field a team of volunteers for a couple of slots in the coming winter programme. Food is provisioned and paid for by the Neighbourhood Group’s fund-raising efforts. The photograph shows a couple of these volunteers from the St Giles’ team last year, working in the shelter at Diadem

The venue for this year’s night shelter is not yet settled, but it is likely to be a vacant hotel in the West End. The kitchens there would not be available to the Bethany teams, so the preparation of food would have to be done in church hall premises elsewhere.

Also to be seen in the photograph is the heated serving unit which, with additional financial support from the Tekoa Trust, was the Neighbourhood Group’s Christmas present to Bethany in 2019.

Since the onset of the pandemic, homeless people have had to be housed in the Old Waverley Hotel in Princes Street. Kitchens were not available there, so the food had to be cooked and transported from premises elsewhere. The heated serving unit played a key role under these circumstances- and will do so again this winter.

Two volunteers helping out.