St Giles’ Files Ep.02: Too Many Williams

In this, the second episode of the St Giles’ Files, Jess, Ciara and Stephen will be exploring the many architectural restorations of St Giles’ and take on a question for the ages. Who did it better, Burn or Chambers? Which of these two Williams worked best on St Giles’. Once again, expect the definitive answer and also, maybe the genesis of a theme to be carried through in future episodes. Also expect sparks to fly  as Ciara and Stephen engage in a debate battle for the first time.

Any thoughts:

St Giles' Donate.1

This gives an idea of the building up that had occurred prior to the Burn restoration. Some of the buildings would have been attached to the Cathedral.

drawing of luckenbooths

Below is a sketch of the Chepman plaque, and then the plaque itself in St Giles’.

Illustrated page

Chepman Memorial

If you follow this link, it will take you to Canmore, and a digital copy of some of Burn’s plans mentioned by Jess.