St Giles’ Files Ep.03: The Tower and The Weathercock

In episode 3 of the St Giles’ files, Jess, Ciara and Stephen discuss something that has been watching over Edinburgh for hundreds of years; St Giles’ tower and more specifically, the weathercock.

Peter Backhouse, who is our photographer as well as being a past assistant organist, always manages to make it seem like Edinburgh is either very sunny, or beautifully snowy. Below is the tower on a beautiful day. You can see the difference in stone colour and weathering from the snippet of the lower level (if you keep refreshing this page, you can scoot through our images of the Cathedral to get a better feeling for this)

Crown spire with weathercock

And Peter very kindly got a snap of the most important bit! The Weathercock at the very top.



Jess mentions the Bayeux Tapestry, and we didn’t want to put an image of it in case we fell fowl of copyright, so instead, here is a link to another great podcast and their image of the bit Jess mentions…