St Giles’ Files Ep.04: The Clock and The Bells

In this episode, Stephen and Ciara discuss the various clock and bells of St Giles’ and there have been more than you might think… From common thievery to meat cages, this episode has it all. Tune in below:

This is a video of one of our Beadles winding the clock in St Giles’ before it was fitted with an autowind:



And a picture of the clock itself:

Clock (2)


This is an extract talk about fitting a new clock in 1584- knok being clock. This misreading may come up in the episode…

Scan_20200409 (4)


Have a look at the old clock, and the bell system known as ‘The Meat Cage’, hiding in the crown in this picture (courtesy of Peter Stubbs at EdinPhoto): clock