St Giles’ Files Ep.06: A Big Bit of Stone

In this episode, a rather lonely Stephen introduces you to a piece of pretty important stone- as stone goes- then discusses the ramifications of this stone. Should the stone be replaced, and if so like for like, close to like for like, or with new fancy stone? This episode acts as a bit of a link between a few of the previous episodes, which have featured changes to St Giles’. Stephen asks why these changes happened and more importantly should they have happened?

Whilst we can’t show you the stone itself, you can see where it came from, and the result just below:

Missing ston

In a lovely (and important) tangent, the Edinburgh World Heritage site is mentioned with its listed buildings. The red circle is the St James Centre, in a sea of orange which roughly represents listed buildings.

World Hereitage site Ed

And here is the video recommended on St Peter’s seminary: