St Giles’ Files Ep.12: Unseen things in unseen places

In this episode Stephen talks through some unseen objects- unseen whether due to them being hidden, or due to them being overlooked. He starts by introducing an unseen window, then moves to some other St Giles’ related things, and concludes with a discussion on how old doesn’t necessarily mean good when it comes to history.

This is the picture of the window discussed as the object:

Stephen had hoped to find a picture of St Giles’ grisaille, but there isn’t a good one, so this one off google will have to do:

Glass Dictionary | Corning Museum of Glass

Now, this is possibly the best way of viewing the door. So, if you click play, then drag the image so the organ is in the centre. Then, go straight up towards the ceiling, and in the wall above, you will see a small door (circled in red):

This is the King or Queen playing the mandolin. Just under its elbow is the monkey:

Finally, this is our coat of arms of Edinburgh on top, with the modern version below: Graham Johnston – A Complete Guide to Heraldry (plate V. between pages 288-289)