St Giles’ Files Ep.15: Sticky History

In this episode, Stephen presents the beams of St Giles’ in the tower as the ‘object’ and discusses their recent dating by a dendrochronology project led by Dr Coralie Mills. This project has finally allowed us to shake the myth that some of the timber came from the Spanish Armada. Stephen then explores other St Giles’ myths around objects, and finally, discusses why these myths come about and if they are of any use.

This is a report of the works carried out to date the timber (it has some great photos):

This is the sanctuary of St Giles’, with the 14th (not 12th) century pillars

And these are two of the memorials mentioned (not tombs) to Argyll and Montrose:

This is the often Knoxified pulpit:

And this is the Thistle Chapel. Note the plaques on the walls for the coats of arms of the Chapel’s members. These are often mistaken as crests of all the Scottish Clans.