St Giles’ Files Ep 22: The Man Himself

This week, St Giles himself is the topic of the podcast, as we take a look at the saint whose legend made its way from Athens to France, Rome, the Rhineland, and finally Edinburgh. Who was he, and what does he mean to us today?’ This was originally supposed to be put out earlier this month, but some technical difficulties have delayed it. Anyway, enjoy!

The Man himself in our stained glass window.
 ‘St Giles and the Deer’ – by the Master of St Giles, unknown, probably trained in the Netherlands and active around 1500. This painting is owned by and displayed at the National Gallery in London.

The 2nd panel in “Fourteen Saints” 1503 altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald for the monastery in Lichtenfels in Upper Franconia. You can see St Giles’ on the far left with his arrow and his hind.

There are a couple of other images that Ciara would like uploading, so watch this space!