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Welcome to our St Giles’ Files podcast. From here you can find the latest episodes. Even though this has been done to help you all get through the lockdown in one piece, if it goes well, we’d like to carry it on once we’re allowed back outside. We hope you enjoy them and if you have, please think about supporting future episodes. We can only carry on with your help!

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Ciara, Jess and Stephen

St Giles’ Files Ep 23: A rolling stone gathers no moss.

St Giles’ Files Ep 22: The Man Himself

St Giles’ Files Ep 21: Thinking outside the Knox

ep20St Giles’ Files Ep 20: It’s a Hard Knox Life

ep19St Giles’ Files Ep.19: Stained Class

ep18St Giles’ Files Ep 18: Green People

ep17St Giles’ Files Ep.17: Music

ep16St Giles’ Files Ep.16: Ciara Responds!

Ep 15St Giles’ Files Ep.15: Sticky History

Ep 14St Giles’ Files Ep.14: Happenings and Events

St Giles’ Files Ep.13: Rooms and Uses

Ep 12St Giles’ Files Ep.12: Unseen things in unseen places

Ep 11St Giles’ Files Ep.11: Who keeps history (and where)?

Ep10Episode 10: Where is the history?

Ep 9Episode 9: Stories and Histories, It’s all in the telling.

Ep 8Episode 8: Memorials

Ep 7 Episode 7: The National CoveRant

Ep 6 Episode 6: A Big Bit of Stone

Picture 1 Episode 5: An Entry Ticket

ep4 Episode 4: The Clock and The Bells

podcast 3png Episode 3: The Tower and The Weathercock

Ep2png Episode 2: Too Many Williams

Ep1png Episode 1: St Giles’, Cathedral?

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