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You can find all of Season 1 of our podcast right here, covering everything from Green Men to Saints. Enjoy! If you are interested in continuing to listen to our podcasts, Season 2 is right over here:

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St Giles’ Files Ep 25: ‘Gobbled Up and Cobbled Up’: St Giles’ Lost Graveyard

St Giles’ Files Ep 24: Chapels and Aisles

St Giles’ Files Ep 23: A rolling stone gathers no moss.

St Giles’ Files Ep 22: The Man Himself

St Giles’ Files Ep 21: Thinking outside the Knox

ep20St Giles’ Files Ep 20: It’s a Hard Knox Life

ep19St Giles’ Files Ep.19: Stained Class

ep18St Giles’ Files Ep 18: Green People

ep17St Giles’ Files Ep.17: Music

ep16St Giles’ Files Ep.16: Ciara Responds!

Ep 15St Giles’ Files Ep.15: Sticky History

Ep 14St Giles’ Files Ep.14: Happenings and Events

St Giles’ Files Ep.13: Rooms and Uses

Ep 12St Giles’ Files Ep.12: Unseen things in unseen places

Ep 11St Giles’ Files Ep.11: Who keeps history (and where)?

Ep10Episode 10: Where is the history?

Ep 9Episode 9: Stories and Histories, It’s all in the telling.

Ep 8Episode 8: Memorials

Ep 7 Episode 7: The National CoveRant

Ep 6 Episode 6: A Big Bit of Stone

Picture 1 Episode 5: An Entry Ticket

ep4 Episode 4: The Clock and The Bells

podcast 3png Episode 3: The Tower and The Weathercock

Ep2png Episode 2: Too Many Williams

Ep1png Episode 1: St Giles’, Cathedral?




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