St Giles’ Mission

St Giles’ draws on nearly 900 years of history in shaping its contemporary mission. That time has, of course, been marked by periods of both continuity and of cataclysmic change. We see ourselves as being stewards of that tradition – cherishing and respecting the role that St Giles’ has played in the religious and community life of Edinburgh and Scotland, while seeking always to be relevant and responsive to what a Cathedral and congregation like ours can offer in the 21st century to its parish, to the city, nation and the world.

Continuity and change therefore lies at the heart of what we strive to do. Change there is, of course, in the pattern of religious observance throughout many parts of the world, including Scotland and we are not immune at St Giles’ from declining church membership. But we now welcome over 1 million visitors to the Cathedral each year and we witness at first hand, in our city centre location, how people are still looking for something (and who can describe it? It will be different for every individual) that a religious space, such as St Giles’, can provide. And we therefore seek, both in our formal religious observance and in the way in which we welcome visitors into the Cathedral, to offer people from whatever background, the opportunity, (whether or not they describe it in these terms), to see God at work in their lives.

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