The Third Sunday in Lent – 11:00am

St. Giles’ Cathedral

Morning Service at 11am

3rd Sunday in Lent

Sunday 20th March 2022

Organ Music

Max Reger O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig
Louis Vierne Aria (Symphonie VI)


Call to remembrance, O Lord

Call to remembrance, O Lord thy tender mercies
and thy loving kindnesses which have been ever of old.

Text: Psalm 25 v 5
Music: Stuart Murray Mitchell


God is our refuge and our strength,
in straits a present aid;
therefore, although the earth remove,
we will not be afraid:

Though hills amidst the seas be cast;
though waters roaring make,
and troubled be; yea, though the hills
by swelling seas do shake.

A river is, whose streams do glad
the city of our God;
the holy place, wherein the Lord
most high hath his abode.

God in the midst of her doth dwell;
nothing shall her remove:
the Lord to her an helper will,
and that right early, prove.

Text: Psalm 46  1-5
Music: Stroudwater CH4 36 Wilkins’s Psalmody c.1730

Scripture Sentences

The Preces

O Lord open thou our lips

Philip Moore b.1943




Living God, Lord of our lives, we lift up our hands and call on your name.  We are your people, thirsty for the living water you alone can give.  When we consider how you have helped us, giving us a spring that gushes up to eternal life, we cling to you, singing praises with joyful hearts; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

First Lesson           Philippians 1 Corinthians 1  18-25

The Choir sings Psalm 63

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.

Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name.

My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips:

When I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches.

Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.

My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth me.

But those that seek my soul, to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth.

They shall fall by the sword: they shall be a portion for foxes.

But the king shall rejoice in God; every one that sweareth by him shall glory: but the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped.

Second Lesson           St Luke 13  1-9


We lay our broken world
In sorrow at your feet,
Haunted by hunger, war, and fear,
Oppressed by power and hate.

Here human life seems less
Than profit, might, and pride,
Though to unite us all in you,
You lived and loved and died.

We bring our broken towns,
Our neighbours hurt and bruised;
You show us how old pain and wounds
For new life can be used.

We bring our broken loves,
Friends parted, families torn;
Then in your life and death we see
That love must be reborn

We bring our broken selves,
Confused and closed and tired;
Then through your gift of healing grace
New purpose is inspired.

Come Spirit, on us breathe,
With life and strength anew;
Find in us love, and hope, and trust,
And lift us up to you.

Text: Anna Briggs b.1947
Music: Garelochside CH4 721 Kenneth George Finlay 1882-1974



It is a thing most wonderful

It is a thing most wonderful,
almost too wonderful to be,
that God’s own Son should come from heaven,
and die to save a child like me.

And yet I know that it is true:
he chose a poor and humble lot,
and wept, and toiled, and mourned, and died,
for love of those who loved him not.

I cannot tell how he would love
a child so weak and full of sin;
his love must be most wonderful,
if he could die my love to win.

I sometimes think about the cross,
and shut my eyes, and try to see
the cruel nails and crown of thorns
and Jesus crucified for me.

But even could I see him die,
I could but see a little part
of that great love, which, like a fire,
is always burning in his heart.

It is most wonderful to know
his love for me so free and sure;
but ’tis more wonderful to see
my love for him so faint and poor.

And yet I want to love thee, Lord;
O light the flame within my heart,
and I will love thee more and more,
until I see thee as thou art.

Text: William Walsham How 1823-1897
Music: Philip Moore b.1943


The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.


Judge eternal, throned in splendour,
Lord of lords and King of kings,
with your living fire of judgement
purge this land of bitter things;
solace all its wide dominion
with the healing of your wings.

Still the weary folk are pining
for the hour that brings release;
and the city’s crowded clangour
cries aloud for sin to cease;
and the homesteads and the woodlands
plead in silence for their peace.

Crown, O God, your own endeavour;
cleave our darkness with your sword;
feed the faithless and the hungry
with the richness of your word;
cleanse the body of this nation
through the glory of the Lord.

Text: Rhuddlan CH4 264 Welsh Traditional Melody
Tune: Henry Scott Holland (1847-1918)


Organ Voluntary

J.S.Bach Fugue in C minor BWV 546

CCL Licence No 980930
Streaming Licence 57837

The service was conducted by The Rev Sigrid Marten