Thursday 23rd December

It is architecture Robert Lorimer who is rightfully remembered as the mastermind behind our awe-inspiring Thistle Chapel, but the men who built it deserve to be remembered too. The room is a monument to Scottish craftsmanship, with Louis Davis’ heraldry windows being the only work by an English craftsman. Some of Scotland’s finest 20th century talents, such as Phoebe Traquair, were involved in the artistry of this unique room.

Here you can see the cathedral before the Chapel was constructed, with the whole South-East wall visible. The antechapel was deliberately built with a low ceiling, to allow light into the SE windows. Look closely, and you can see coats of arms being set into the wall.

These days, the Chapel is open to the public and run by a dedicated team of volunteers who are on hand to answer questions. You are welcome to come visit, although as it is staffed by volunteers it is not always open. Come early in the day too, as when it gets dark it is harder to admire the Clow brothers’ incredible woodcarvings, or find the angel playing the bagpipes…

(Photos via Canmore)