Thursday 9th December

‘This is the Fetternear Banner, made for the Confraternity of the Holy Blood who worshipped in St Giles’ in the 1500s. You can see the coat of arms for Alexander Graham of Fintry, one of the kirkmasters of the Confraternity, at the bottom centre of the panel. 

While the subject might seem a little gruesome, Jesus’ blood was a powerful relic in medieval times, and we still have a aisle in the church named for it today. The banner is a rare and beautiful piece of craftsmanship, made in 1520. By managing to survive the iconoclasm of the Reformation it is now the only known medieval church banner in Scotland. St Giles’ does not own the banner, but luckily we have artist Sheana Stephen making ours now, which are equally impressive!

Photography by Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P. of the Medieval Fetternear banner housed in the National Museum of Scotland.

Click this link to view the whole tapestry: