Top 10 Things to Do

Please be aware that many of the following list are either not operating at all, or have restrictions due to the current Covid-19 situation. 

1. Explore the Building

Discover over 900 years of history in one of Scotland’s most iconic buildings, and one of Edinburgh’s most visited attractions. Entry to the building is free with a suggested donation of £5, and visitors are welcome to explore the building at their own pace. Why not pick up a £1 Walk-Round Leaflet at our Welcome Desk and discover more about our history?

Click here for Covid-19 restriction information and our current opening hours

2. Take a Guided Tour

St Giles’ is packed with stories, embodying centuries of Scottish history through monarchs, wars and reformations. Our team of volunteer guides are on hand to answer your questions and share their expertise. Groups of 5 or more can book guided tours here.

Not Currently Running

3. See the Thistle Chapel

Currently Closed

The Thistle Chapel is home to the Order of the Thistle, an order of Scottish chivalry. Its intricate neo-gothic woodwork and stunning gold-leaf ceiling makes it one of Edinburgh’s must-see hidden gems. Entry to the chapel is free but depends on the availability of our volunteer guides. Please ask at the Welcome Desk for more details.

4. Climb the Tower

Enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Edinburgh Old Town and discover the ancient wooden interior of the St Giles’ clock tower with our rooftop tour. Tours can take a maximum of 4 people, cost £6 per person and should be booked on the day. For more information click here.

Not Currently Running

5. Attend a Service

St Giles’ welcomes over a million visitors each year but is still a place of worship at heart. Worship at St Giles’ upholds Christian tradition alongside openness to contemporary thought and action. We offer regular daily services at 12 noon and a number of larger services on Sundays. All welcome. Find out more about Worship in St Giles’.

Information on the current booking system can be found here.

6. Hear our Music

The life and worship of St Giles’ is constantly enriched by music. We play host to hundreds of concerts and performances each year, welcoming musicians from around the world. See what’s coming up on our Events Calendar. St Giles’ own Cathedral Choir also plays a significant part in the worship and liturgy of the church. Find out more about their work here.

7. Attend an Event

St Giles’ plays host to a variety of events, from music concerts and lecture series to family craft workshops, and art exhibitions. Information about church services at St Giles’ can be found on our Worship page. Otherwise, please see calendar of upcoming events.

8. Learn Something New

With over 900 years of history, St Giles’ is the perfect place to learn something new. Our team of volunteer guides are on hand to answer your questions and share their expertise. Why not have a read of our timeline of History? You can also keep an eye out for learning opportunities or lecture series on our Events Calendar.

9. Find the Perfect Gift

The St Giles’ Shop offers a range of quality gifts including books, jewellery, souvenirs and Christmas decorations. Why not try our traditional Scottish tablet or have a look at our replica angels playing bagpipes? See our opening times here.

10. Take some time in the space

Light a candle, say a prayer, or just sit and enjoy the quiet.