Tuesday 22nd December

For one of the final few days before Christmas, here’s something from some folks who weren’t quite as keen on Christmas as we are now. It’s our copy of the National Covenant of Scotland, the document which rejected King Charles II’s reforms of the Scottish Church. There are many versions throughout Scotland. Ours is the copy that was for Linlithgow. To read more about the Covenant, click here and for more on the Covenantors, click here.

This is the Covenant. We have chosen some passages and transcribed them above the line. As the Covenant is quite big, the image below doesn’t really do it justice. So, if you click the image of the Covenant below, it will open a new page with a pdf with a version of the Covenant that can be zoomed in on. Depending on the size of your screen, you may need to rotate the PDF with the rotate symbol in the top right corner of the new window