Tuesday 7th December

Phoebe Anna Traquair was an Irish born artist who achieved international recognition for her role in the arts and crafts movement in Scotland and in 1920 was the first ever woman to be elected to the Royal Scottish Academy. 

Her enamelling work features throughout the Thistle Chapel, as she was employed by architect, Robert Lorimer, to create the heraldic stall plates that adorn the walls and represent each knight of the Thistle. 

Through using ‘chempléve’ enameling, technique, she was praised for the ‘elusive yet abiding charm’ of her work rather than her accuracy. Entirely appropriate for an arts and crafts artist! Traquair herself was proud of her technique, she notes that it was ‘by no means easy to do, absolutely different from my usual ways or enameling… after my first success I could not sleep with excitement’. 

Here are just a few examples of her work throughout the Thistle Chapel.