Virtual St Giles’

If you can’t make it to St Giles’, or you just fancy refreshing your memory, then this is the page for you! Below is a tour of St Giles’ via 360o pictures. Enjoy!

Welcome to St Giles’:

The Welcome Desk:

Writers’ Corner:

The Moray Aisle:

The Holy Blood Aisle:

The Organ:

The Chepman Aisle:

The Preston Aisle:

The South East Corner:

The East End:

The North East Corner:

The Holy Cross Aisle:

The North Aisle:


The Chambers Aisle:


A Beadles’ eye view:

The Eloi Aisle:

John Knox Statue:

The West End:

West Sanctuary:

East Sanctuary:

The West End:

Thanks for coming!:

All images courtesy of the Church of Scotland. For more 360o churches, head here: . If you’re interested in St Giles’, we recommend Dalmeny Kirk, as that is a good idea as to what 12th St Giles’ might have looked like. Here’s a taster:

Dalmeny Kirk: