Wednesday 15th December

Burns’ night and Chinese New Year

2020 marked the first time in a generation that Burns Night and Chinese New Year would fall on the same night, an alignment that will not occur again for another 76 years. To celebrate St Giles’ hosted a breathtaking display that would celebrate Scottish and Chinese culture with the overarching theme of journey’s home.

Chinese New Year would see the largest movement of people in the world as people returned to their homes for the celebration in a phenomenon known as ‘Chunyun’. In 2019 400 million people travelled home to celebrate

Scots, as a naturally adventurous bunch have made homes for themselves across the globe, through British colonial expansion as well as being forced out of their ancestral homes during upheavals like the Highland clearances. Almost a quarter of visitors Scotland named Scottish ancestry as a main motivator for visiting. Even after hundreds of years after their ancestors crossed the seas, people still feel strong personal ties and connections with Scotland.

A lot has happened since then and many people have been restricted from travelling home due to bans on international travel. We look towards the future with hope that we may travel freely home again.