Wednesday 16th December

Just like today, stone masons were well known for working all around a certain area. It is thought that masons from Durham were involved in St Magnus’ in Orkney. It is no surprise then, that St Mary’s in Haddington and St Giles’ are very similar.

If the crown spire, a later addition, were removed, the two would be very similar. In fact, there is evidence a crown spire was planned for St Mary’s, but it isn’t know if it was ever completed and subsequently destroyed, or if it was actually ever built.

St Mary’s is remarkable in many ways, but one way in particular. Due to some neglect, the original roof had fallen in, but more recently, a fibreglass roof was installed. The lightweight fibreglass was chosen so as not to stress the stonework of the walls. The roof is almost indistinguishable from the stone it mimics.