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While the Cathedral is closed, we are losing a very substantial part of our regular income, and it may take a very long time for things to recover after we are able to re-open. Those members of the congregation, and regular worshippers, who wish to continue their regular offerings but do not already give by standing order can make payments directly to the Cathedral bank account. This can be done either by standing order, or by bank transfer. For advice on how to do this, and where appropriate Gift Aid, please contact the Finance Office on finance@stgilescathedral.org.uk.

St Giles’ is a Church of Scotland congregation and worships according to the Presbyterian tradition. We welcome people of all faiths and none to enjoy the peace of the building and listen to our services.

There are four services every Sunday, followed by music at 6pm, Holy Communion on Fridays at 8am and a daily weekday service at noon. Holy Communion is the central act of worship in St Giles’ and is celebrated several times each week. The daily service at noon is a simple quarter-hour of readings and prayers where visitors are welcome to join with the congregation in worship.

Read more about our Ministers.

A peaceful corner for quiet reflection can always be found in St Giles’. The Albany Aisle in the North West corner of the church is reserved for prayer and meditation. In the Holy Blood Aisle, near the Organ, you can light a candle and write a prayer.

For the latest intimations and congregational news, please visit the Cathedral Life page. Information on which ministers are taking which services can also be found at our Services page.

St Giles’ Sunday Services

8.00 Morning Service – Holy Communion in the Holy Cross Aisle
10.00 Morning Service – Choir, Sermon, Holy Communion
11.30 Morning Service  – Choir, Sermon
18.00 St Giles’ at Six – Programme of Music
20.00 Evening Service – Holy Communion on last Sunday of the month

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